Art & Science Initiative is a platform that brings the exploratory nature of both art and science to a new arena - creating knowledge from passion-driven interdisciplinary collisions and accelerating their implementation into real-world solutions.

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We are facing urgent and complex challenges that ask us to redefine our worldview- new ideas and strategies are a necessity. There is a global drive to develop real-world solutions in light of an increasing acceleration in technology, knowledge-sharing and how we connect to the world around us. But in our haste to find solutions we are neglecting what maybe is the most powerful driver of innovation: Exploration and passion as sole purpose.

While technology and applied science are indispensable to reach the real world, true revolutionary knowledge always starts from pure understanding, and we want to highlight the importance of figuring out the "rules of the game". Whether that means deciphering the laws governing nature or simply finding new perspectives, we understand that real-world solutions don't always come from thinking about the problem itself.

In the era of specialization and experts, we dangerously restrict our freedom to explore. Researchers and artists struggle to take a leap into the unknown while satisfying demands from funders eager to see results. This untapped craving from experts with valuable skill-sets is in dire need of a platform prioritizing passion and exploration. Those are the conditions that facilitated real-world revolutions like the world wide web, genetic engineering or solar power.

When thanks to automation, production is taken care of, how will we contribute to society as individuals? We think this is a chance for a new paradigm to emerge and we believe the answer is interdisciplinary collaborations. The thirst for passion-driven exploration is not exclusive to art and science, but is a growing feeling in a diverse group of disciplines. From gastronomy and farming, to design and architecture, there is an opportunity in creating an arena that fosters explorative research but that is also ready to translate the results into real world solutions. What scientists and artists have done so well for so long needs to reach out. / ASI is building a home for new generations of thinkers and doers — an open environment for thought, inquiry and collective action.

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Eliel Camargo-Molina

Natural Sciences - Physics

Ida Britta Petrelius


Marie Persson

Social Sci./Sustainability